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The residents of Spanish Wells, although hard working and industrious, recognize the need for and enjoy times of leisure and recreation. Sports is a pastime that is important to many of the adults and children alike.

In days gone by, games such as cricket, football (soccer), netball, and rugby have all been played and have played their part in adding enjoyment to many people in the community. Over the years, the variety of sports played has eventually shifted to line up with those played in the U.S. including basketball, baseball and tennis. In fact, a Spanish Wells baseball team, the Divers, were the Bahamas Baseball Federation (B.B.F.) 2005 national champions in the 12 & under category. The Ocean View Ball Park, located on 8th Street North, is home to the Divers as well as the Wildcats and various other teams. Also, those that are inclined to tennis have made their home at The Tennis Centre found on Russell Island. These are both well maintained and up to date facilities.

Many islanders are also avid watchers of sports which includes the N.F.L. (football), N.B.A. (basketball), and M.L.B (baseball). NASCAR has also become increasing popular in recent times. Many locals even show support for their driver by putting a decal of the racecar number on their vehicles. Some even go to the extent of transforming their trans into a  'replica' of the car by not only adding the car number, but also the sponsors' tags and other distinguishing details. Sports fans are indeed an ever present part of Spanish Wells.


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Hon. T. Desmond Bannister, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture (right)


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