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School Crest


School Crest


School Crest


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National Flag of The Bahamas

Bahamian Coat of Arms

Spanish Wells All-Age School

Calendar of Events - 2007/8

(updates may be made as information becomes available)


    January 7th ........................................ 1st Day of School for 2008


Note that the schedule provided is subject to error and change or cancellation at any time without notice.


School Rules

1. Be neat and tidy in your dress. Your appearance says a lot about you.

2. Litter makes your surroundings unsightly. Put it where it belongs.

3. Obey orders right away. You might be giving them someday.

4. Be courteous, kind and respectful to all.

5. Never leave the school premises without permission.

6. Show enthusiasm, pride and perseverance in all that you do.

7. Be on your best behaviour at all times.

8. Wear only the prescribed school uniform and accessories.

9. Stealing, fighting, and cursing are bad habits. Do not engage in these.


Click Here for the School Prayer & School Song.


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