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Bahamian Coat of Arms

Spanish Wells

Here is a brief overview of some of the goods & services that are offered, and also other spots of interest in Spanish Wells.

An | indicates a detailed view is available by clicking on that business.

A/C Installation & Service

Spanish Wells Air Conditioning

B & D Electric City


Auto Shops

Ashford's Auto Repairs

Barry's Auto Repairs

Dion's Workshop

On-Site Marine and Automotive

Pinders' Tune-Up



Banking Services

Royal Bank of Canada (w/ATM)





Spanish Wells Yacht Haven

Marine Stores

& Boat Haul-Out

Ronald's Servicentre Ltd.

Spanish Wells Marine and Hardware


EZ Boat Trailers

Island Tackle

Manuel's Dive Station

Mooring Facilities - Bandit

Spanish Wells Canvas

Outboard Engine Sales & Service

Ronald's Servicentre Ltd.

Spanish Wells Marine and Hardware

Piloting Services

A-1 Broadshad



Little Woody


R & B Boatyard




Architectural Drafting

Johnson's Drafting

Vince's Construction Co. Ltd.

Construction Companies

Pinder's Construction

St. George's Cay Construction

Vince's Construction Co. Ltd.

Steve Newbold's Construction

BT Construction

JFP Construction

Hardware Store

Ronald's Servicentre Ltd.

Hurricane Supplies

| Vince's Construction Co. Ltd.

Underwood Protection

Marine Construction


Complete Marine Services

Eleuthera Construction

Triple 'A' Marine


Miscellaneous & Specialty Services

Curry Can Do It - Odd Jobs (Newton Curry)

Island Block - Concrete & Heavy Equipment

Seagillian Pool

Spanish Wells Roofing - Roof Protection




The People's Church

Spanish Wells Gospel Chapel

Spanish Wells Methodist Church

Haitian Baptist People's Church


Courier Service

Eleuthera Freight Couriers




Spanish Wells All-Age School*

Sunshine Nursery Preschool

CMA - Eleuthera Bible Training Center



Electrical Supplies & Service

Electric City (D&S)

Pinders' Tune-Up




Grocery Stores

Spanish Wells Food Fair

Pinder's Supermarket

C.W.'s Groceries


Anchor Snack Bar

The Gap

Eagle's Landing

Norma's Seaside Takeaway

The Snack Vault

Seafood Store

| Ronald's Seafood

Specialty Treats

Kathy's Bakery

Papa's Scoops

The Conch Buggy

| The Peanut Man



Funeral Arrangements

Spanish Wells Mutual Aid Association


Furniture Store

Spanish Wells Furniture Co.



Government Offices

Administrator's Office

Bahamas Customs*

National Insurance Board

Police Station

Post Office


Hand Crafted Items

Harbourside Gift Shop

The Quilt Shop

Idy's Handmade Quilts

Oliver's Straw Work

Sarah's Souvenirs & Straw Work

Borden's Shell Tings

Ponderosa Shell Shop

Julie's Shell Crafts

Roddie's Wood Work

Theron's Hand Painted Plaques



Hair and Nails

S & S Nails

Classy Cuts & C.J.'s Nails

New Image Salon & Spa

Eva's Salon

Fantasy Styles

Jeanie's Beauty Salon

Joanie's Beauty Salon

Sylvia's Beauty Salon

Larry's Barber Shop

Health Care

General & Emergency:

Spanish Wells Clinic

Dr. Stephen Bailey's Office


Elvia's Muscular Therapy

Ear, Nose & Throat:

Dr. Walter Gibson - E.N.T.


Dr. Dupuch


Dr. Jerome Lightbourne - Pediatrics


MJB Optical - Dr. Anita Brown Dean

Dr. Geoffrey Sweeting- Ophthalmology


S.W. Dental Clinic - Dr. Mark Davies

N.P.Dental Centre-Dr. Tanya Mortemore


Spanish Wells Food Fair Pharmacy


Historical Interests

Spanish Wells Museum

Spanish Wells Cemeteries



J.H. (Andy) Higgs Insurance

Neilly's Insurance (J.S.Johnson)


Internet Providers



Law Office

L. Marvin B. Pinder Chambers


Cable Bahamas

Splash 89.9FM Radio Station




B & B Steam Carpet Cleaners

C.W.'s Laundry-Coin Washer & Dryer

Island Block - Trash Pickup

Island Exterminators

Dee & Pee

Spanish Wells Choice - Water Delivery

Pinders' Tune Up - Propane

Rudy's Locksmithing

Sea Life Bahamas

Island Drilling


Pet Care

Precious Paws

Grooming With Style

Monica's Pet Supplies

Veterinary Clinic

Phone Services

BTC Telecommunications Office


Photo Shop & Studio

Magic Photo

Plant & Garden

Touch of Paradise


Eagle's Landing Gym

Ocean View Ball Park

Public Park and Beach

The Tennis Centre

Specialty Stores

A.K.R. Enterprises - As Seen On TV

Tech Stores & Services

| AVS Tech Solutions

Chris' Electronics

Computer Concepts

Gavin's Getaway




Abner's Golf Cart Rentals

Gemini Buggy Rentals

| Harbourside Golf Cart Rentals

| JJ's Golf Cart Rentals

Taxi 1

Land & Sea

Pinder's Ferry & Taxi Service


Spanish Wells Ferry

Knight Rider Ferry

| Truth Defender Transportation service

Triple 'A' Marine Transport

Bahamas Fast Ferries- "Bo Hengy II"

Eleuthera Express



St. George's Cay Power Company

Water and Sewerage Corporation

BTC - Bahamas Telecommunications Co.

Cable Bahamas


Variety Stores

Harbourside Gift Shop


The Islander Shop

Three Sisters Variety Store


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