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Spanish Wells

National Flag of The Bahamas

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Just to the west of the northern tip of the island of Eleuthera is St. George’s Cay. The entire cay, or island, is comprised of the settlement of Spanish Wells, and as a result the name Spanish Wells has become synonymous with the island. In fact, many have never heard it referred to by any other name.

Spanish Wells is approximately two miles long and a half of a mile wide. The scope of Spanish Wells is extended, however, by a bridge that links it to neighboring Russell Island, which is just over three miles long and has become an integral part of the community.

Spanish Wells is predominantly a fishing village, and is rightly referred to as the fishing capital of The Bahamas, the chain of islands of which it is a vital part. The main catch harvested from the sea by the fishermen is the Bahamian lobster, or crawfish as it is referred to by the islanders.

Although the majority of employment comes from the crawfishing industry, it does not mean that other employment and business opportunities are not available. Spanish Wells is an innovative community with a wide array of products and services available. Everything needed to carry out normal day to day operation can be obtained on the island. This affords those that are not inclined to fishing to pursue a career in areas such as construction, mechanics, farming, and various shopkeeping and clerical jobs.

The locals take great pride in their island. The mindset of the island as a whole seems to be one of preventive maintenance. This is reflected in the way they upkeep not only their houses, but also the fishing fleet. The lawns are well manicured and gardens add their beauty to almost every home.

By and large, the town has a very charming and inviting appeal. It is this that not only keeps the residents from leaving, but also keeps the visitors coming back for more.


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