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Please browse the site, and give us the opportunity to share with you a little more about Spanish Wells, "our" jewel of The Bahamas. If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions, please email them to mySpanishWells@gmail.com.

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If you are looking for information about Spanish Wells, you have come to the right place. Whether you are a native, resident, visitor, or someone who is just curious about our community, we think you will find something of interest here.

Spanish Wells is an island community located in The Bahamas. It is very close to the much larger island of Eleuthera, and is about 48 miles from the country's capital city of Nassau. Our waters glisten from the bright, warm rays of the sun. These waters are crucial to the mainstay of the island, lobster fishing, but they are also one of the factors that lure visitors to our shore.














What others are Saying

About Spanish Wells


"So far we have found that every island is unique in the Bahamas, but there is something very special about Spanish Wells that makes it even more unique than any other island we have been to."


"This is a small, quiet island with gentle waters that is reminiscent of a New England fishing village."

"They are very friendly people who take pride in their heritage and work."


"Few places can offer such an ideal blend of accessibility and serenity while still boasting the native beauty of the tropics."


"Spanish Wells is a delightfully clean settlement, well worth a walking tour with your camera."


"...the most pleasant community we have visited so far."

Spanish Wells, Bahamas.

One visit and "you" too will soon be saying "my" Spanish Wells.


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Spanish Wells - Bahamas

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Smack (Lobster Fishing) Boat in Spanish Wells Harbour